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  • Culinary Pannonian delights

    The Pannonian cuisine corresponds to the cultural melting pot of the Habsburg (classic Austrian cuisine) and Hungarian influences. This is manifested not least by the ubiquitous classic Wiener Schnitzel or the dessert that is simply worth a sin, the Szomlauer dumplings. Also in the...  more

  • A glass full of sunshine

    Wine belongs to the Pannonian attitude to life, like the sun, from which the vineyards in Breitenbrunn on Lake Neusiedl are kissed abundantly. The landscape alone makes the wine-growing area in the World Heritage Nature Park unique. No other wine-growing region in the world can boast...  more

  • Wine and winegrowers

    The ancient Romans already tasted a good drop from this region, and today you can learn a lot about wine here in addition to tasting the highest quality wines. A guarantor for the very constant wine quality is the location of the wine-growing region. The gently wooded slopes of the...  more

  • Leithaberger fine cherry

    The Leithaberger Fine Cherry Pleasure Region is one of the youngest in Austria and has already grown quite a bit. Thus already a range of over 50 different products is offered in addition to the fresh cherry. The palette includes cherry brandy sausage, cherry noodles and cherry liver...  more