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Leithaberger fine cherry

The Leithaberger Fine Cherry Pleasure Region is one of the youngest in Austria and has already grown quite a bit. Thus already a range of over 50 different products is offered in addition to the fresh cherry.

 The palette includes cherry brandy sausage, cherry noodles and cherry liver pâté , sheep's cheese flavored with cherries, cherry chutneys and tasty cherry juice. The range of products extends to make year-round cherry enjoyment possible. 20 producers and direct marketers, as well as 5 regional sales outlets, have brought it to prestige beyond regional borders. For example, they have already made guest appearances at the Traiskirchen weekly market, at 2 Seen -1 Genuss (two lakes-one joy) in Bregenz and at the grand appearance of the pleasure regions in Vienna's Stadtpark. The cherry products are also in the center of attention in the region, for example, at the cherry market with pleasure trail in Breitenbrunn.

Behind every powerful group there is also a driving force and this is Rosa Strohmayer, a chairman of the Association Pleasure Region Leithaberger Fine Cherry. Together with her team, she coordinates the support of all activities of cherry growers and processors with the Austria-wide operating Pleasure Region Marketing of Agrarmarkt Austria ( AMA). The tasks of the association involve the transmission of old and new knowledge of the cherry growing, up to the processing to ready cherry products, the acquisition and lending of production aids such as gutting machines etc.. Consumers can experience the ripening process from blossom to harvest during walks under cherry trees.

Association Pleasure-Region Leithaberger Fine Cherry

Phone Contact: Rosemarie Strohmayer +43- 664 6182296 office@edelkirsche.at

All-year cherry enjoyment is possible

Sabine Alfons in the "Antoniuskeller"

7091 Breitenbrunn at Lake Neusiedl, Kellerring 12b

Opened: April, May, October, November Friday-Saturday from 15:00; June-September Tuesday-Saturday from 15:00;

Or by telephone agreement. Tel.: +43 - 676 4405308


7091 Breitenbrunn am Neusiedler See, Prangerstraße 49

Open: Friday and Saturday, Tel.: +43 -(0)2683/5202